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   Case The Race - Handicapping data and information

Case The Race - offering unique thoroughbred handicapping data!

CASE Figures
Specialized Rankings Provided by CASE Data Analytics
We provide rankings for entries using the special CASE Figures to produce a relative rank for entries.

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What are CASE Figures?
CASE Figures analyzes historical performances of Thoroughbred horses and uses advanced mathematical modeling techniques to predict their future performance potential in a given race. This method uses expanded performance data to weigh the variance between each horse in a given race instead of just grading them against their historical competition. The top horse is given a predicted score of 100 to correspond with his predicted rank of 1 and all other competing horses are graded off this horse. So, a horse with a predicted score of 99.5 has a 0.5% lower probability of winning than the predicted winner. All handicapping techniques may be affected by unforeseen circumstances like a poor break, traffic etc.. Nevertheless, statistical tests have proven that when appropriately applied, CASE Figures technology significantly increases the probability of winning exotic bets.

Suitable for handicappers of all skill level.
Ability to predict performance even when horses switch surface, track etc..
No more searching for 'equivalent ratios' to convert rating numbers across different distances, surfaces, and race types.
Mathematically based, absent of human emotional behavior and biases.
Diversifiable supplement to traditional handicapping techniques.

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